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Frenzo Money
An Inclusive Payment System for Bharat

Frenzo Money is our commitment to empower Bharat through digital money transfers to address the financial needs of Indian citizens across demographies. We provide cutting-edge technology as well as an extensive human network to bridge the access-gap for various financial services, thereby democratising financial services in India.

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The Frenzo Money Bouquet of Services

Domestic Money Transfer

FrenzoPay offers Domestic Money Transfer services that enable our customers to send and receive money.

Being a quick, trustworthy, and secure method, it provides customers with several advantages and benefits. With FrenzoPay you will experience the best domestic money transfer service in India.

Key Features

  • Safe, Swift and Secure

  • Easy Transfers

  • Increased Flexibility

  • 24x7 Transfers

  • Easy-to-use Interface

  • No restrictions on bank holidays

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Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems(AePS)

With FrenzoPay AePS, customers can access their Aadhaar-linked bank accounts and carry out standard banking operations including checking their account balance, withdrawing cash, and sending money using a certified biometric system.

Key Features

  • Cardless cash withdrawal from Aadhaar Linked Bank Accounts

  • Easy and secure method

  • Balance enquiry and mini statement facilities

  • Instant transfer from wallet to bank account 

Bill Payments

FrenzoPay Bill Payments is a platform that rides on the BBPS system, making it simple and convenient for our customers to pay their utility bills—including those for electricity, water, gas, DTH, broadband, and mobile— using our wide network.

Key Features

  • Convenience of paying bills from anywhere, anytime

  • Access and Connection to a large human network of agents

  • Biller registration in real time

  • Instant Payment confirmation notification

  • Automatic refund in case of rare transaction failures

FrenzoPay enables our associates in providing all the above services with ease and elan.

Want to join the FrenzoPay Network?

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