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Frenzopay Payment Gateway
Experience Exponential Business Growth

Quickly go live with Frenzopay and experience the promise of the best payment gateway service provider

with the most effortless integration, hassle-free onboarding, feature-rich checkout, and best-in-class speed.

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Come onboard and start accepting payments right away!

Multiple Payment Modes

Frenzopay's online payment gateway provides multiple payment methods, offering your customers the best in terms of 

  • Maximum conversions

  • Minimum abandoned carts

  • Ease of checkout

  • Wider demographic appeal

  • Enhanced brand perception

Frenzopay is one of the best payment gateways for businesses, and our multiple payment modes will surely enhance your customer's payment journey and ensure overall revenue growth.


Power - Packed Dashboard Empowering Business Decisions

We recognise that information is power and when it comes to payments, data and analytics are among the most critical factors. Essentially, what you measure you treasure!


With FrenzoPay's dynamic and customizable dashboard, you can access real-time data and get insights to make educated business decisions to maximise revenue.

Best Industry Standard
Security Compliance

Prevention is better than cure. At FrenzoPay we understand that the safety and security of your transactions are critical to your business and of utmost importance in our relationship.

To eliminate fraud and ensure the safety and security of your financial transactions, FrenzoPay offers you the most secure payment gateway in India, with the highest level of industry-compliant security certifications.


No Tension and 
Stress - Free Onboarding

What eases you, pleases you. With that in mind, we have designed our onboarding process to be smooth, swift and simple.

Our minimalistic approach to documentation and e-KYC process enables you to complete your onboarding by just submitting key business details, and you are ready to receive payments right away!

To know more about the feature-packed FrenzoPay Payment Gateway,

and help us grow your business, we welcome you to get in touch with our experts here.

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