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FrenzoPay Links
The Easiest Way to Accept Payments

No website? Not a problem!  Just share payment links and receive money in minutes.

Experience the simplicity of collecting payments and improve your cash flow with FrenzoPay Links,

the best-suited payment link for all businesses.

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Create a Payment Link - Receive Payments even without a Website

Easily initiate a
Link for Payment

Online Payment Links are used for accepting payments for a variety of products or services, including subscription-based transactions.


FrenzoPay payment links are incredibly customizable, allowing you to match your brand's logo and colour scheme to the payment link.


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Embed or share the
Payment Link

Copy and paste or embed the link wherever required.


The same payment link may be distributed to a large number of clients and used across numerous channels as required.

Collect Payments and
Get Notified Easily

Use the Dashboard or email to be notified of a successful payment and have the amount placed into your bank account.

Induce impulse purchases even without a website, inspire quicker payments, and increase your cash flow with FrenzoPay links.

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Payment Links for Your Business

Business without a website? Let your customers pay easily with Payment Links

Easily integrate Payment Links with your website Chatbots for a seamless user experience

Let Payment Links be a potent substitute for your Cash on Delivery or POS-based payment orders

Share Payment Links over Social Media for an easy and impromptu sales experience

To know more about the feature-packed FrenzoPay Payment Links,

and help us grow your business, we welcome you to get in touch with our experts here.

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