Frequently Asked Questions

A: Payment Links are a convenient method of receiving payments for goods and services. You enter required details like amount, name of customer etc. and then send the generated link from whom the payment is to be collected. Best part of using a Payment Links is that the payment can be collected even without creating a website, application or even integrating with a payment gateway.

A: Using Frenzopay’s Dashboard, merchant can create and send Payment Links in below mentioned steps.

- Click Payment Links section of your Frenzopay’s Dashboard.

-Select the 'Create Payment Link' option

-Enter the customer's information and the amount requested and share IT.

A: As per the settlement guidelines Frenzopay’s Settlement will not be made on Public Holidays, 2nd & 4th Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

A: You can send your customer a Frenzopay’s Payment Link via email, SMS, or Whatsapp.

A: A payment link is a convenient way to make a quick and secure payment online. The benefit of a Payment Link is that merchant does not necessitate the creation of a website, application or integration with a payment gateway but still can easily accept payment gateway.