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Benefits of payment links for small businesses

Businesses and market have evolved dynamically and potentially from what it has been before centuries. Tracing back to the pastimes of barter system as a mode of exchange of goods and services and fast forwarding to the present times that uses cards and digital payments, this globe of finance has excelled dramatically. In this digital era, it is much obvious for any business to accept digital payments and transactions that goes much without saying. Chiefly, marketing aims to drive sales. A business trudges to become a great one when it focuses on making the payment system being customer friendly and absolutely hassle-free. Nowadays, even small businesses and start-ups that do not have an e-commerce site have started to prefer online transactions as a seamless and approachable method. It has been a win-win situation for both traders and consumers with the introduction of online payment gateway.

What are instant payment links?

Payment links are cost and time-effective solutions to better economic options and flawless transactions. Payments links offer to collect payments through various social media channels, emails etc. An instant payment link is a sequence of requesting and payments collection from customers after they place an order from the website. Following this, your customer will go through the request to tap on the link which would then take them to the preferred payment processor.

• Payment links, are they that useful?

Payment links are much more useful when it comes to businesses of any size and type. One of the major reasons that make this mode of transaction way too reliable is that it is inexpensive and no fuss. If you are someone running a B2B business, your main target would be trouble free faster transactions. For this, you can drive in a payment link in the invoices. The links that work with numerous payment processing software such as QR codes to increase the speed as well as ease of transaction.

Small retailers too have started taking the help of automated payment link service and are good to go. You no longer have to wait in the long lines to swipe your cards. As soon as the customers receive the payment link and tap on it, payment is successful in a flash.

Moreover, you need not be a tech-geek just to know how to generate and send links. It is much simpler which has resulted in its huge reliability which is evidently seen. The whole process is hassle free and you get to customize these links the way they cater your branding needs. Not just this, but collecting online payments leaves a better impression on the customers letting them see that your business is evolving with the advanced needs of the world. This, in turn boosts brand loyalty and latest financial technology improvements. Storing of payment history often builds the trust of the customer and makes them believe that can absolutely put their trust into this zero hassle process.

With the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, this world experienced a completely new method of payments-contactless payments. Without touching each other’s device, customers very much preferred getting a payment link instead of physically handing over their cards for payments. Not just this ensures a safe transaction but also secured atmosphere.

For any business, trend should be the friend. Automated payment services keep you above your competitors in this way. You need not have an e-commerce website and still go ahead with the seamless method of payment system to provide your customers a smooth shopping experience.

• Frenzopay- your ultimate friend for easy payments

Businesses and start-ups that work without a website need not worry about payment through payment links. Frenzopay is a comprehensible and user-friendly platform that allows you to make quick and swift payment settlements. It equips you with multiple payment modes to accept payments from. Credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPIs, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, you wonder of any, and Frenzopay already got your back. The provision of link-based PG access for merchants without a website or an app is why it is the most-referred and best-suited. Moreover, it ensures swift and high-speed settlement cycle that promises you a credit being done at the fastest possible time.

• How to create a payment link through FrenzoPay- step by step guide for smoothest transactions

1. Initiate a link for payment with extreme ease

Online payment links are availed for accepting payments for a multitude of products and services, involving subscription-based transactions too. The best part about FrenzoPay links are that they are easily customizable to cater all your needs and permitting you to match your brand’s logo and colour scheme to the payment link.

2. Drive in or share the payment link

Effortlessly copy and paste or root the link wherever required. The same payment link can be circulated to a large number of clients and rendered across numerous channels as per need.

3. Rack up payments and get notified with ease

Go for operating the dashboard or email to be notified of a successful payment and safe deposit of amount to your bank account. Bring about impulse purchases even without a website, encourage quicker payments and level up your cash flow with FrenzoPay links

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