About FrenzoPay

  • At FrenzoPay we strive to provide you with a platform that will ensure ease of onboarding, competitive and flexible pricing, quick and swift payment settlements, and technology.

  • We offer better success rates, relationships and business networks that will help further grow and augment your business volumes.

  • We make sure that you need not worry about the payment processing aspect, you now have access to a best-in-class solution that will offer a suite of services that help you focus on scaling up your business!!

About Us


Our Vision

To Be India’s Best Merchant and Customer friendly Fintech Company, aligning with the Nation’s Digital Fintech Revolution and becoming a holistic Payments Partner of choice.


Our Mission

Frenzopay strives to be a significant and prominent player in the Indian fintech ecosystem by providing Secure, Fair, and Transparent solutions. We endeavor to process financial transactions not just with a transactional approach but with a Transformational approach with innovative technology and resources.

Core Values at Frenzopay



Evolved and Engaged Relationships with Clients and Employees

We keep our valued customers and employees at the core of everything we do at Frenzopay. We always engage and listen to our customer to understand their needs and make an effort to be responsive with the principles of speed and accuracy in catering to their requirements. We strive to provide our employees an environment of intrapreneurship and encourage them to discuss and debate decisions. We foster a spirit of personal and professional growth by understanding their short-term and long-term goals thereby helping them reach their goals and milestones.


Initiative and Responsibility as Individuals and Teams

As an organization, we are proactive in every sphere of work that we do at FrenzoPay. Our team members are self-driven and work with high level of energy and enthusiasm on all tasks and strive each time to exceed the expectations of all stake holders including ourselves. We remain focussed and committed to the tasks and projects such that we execute our jobs to the very best of our ability. We dedicate ourselves to be committed to the mission of the company at all times.


Excellence and Innovation as a Collective Ethos

We set high standards and benchmarks for the products and services we offer at FrenzoPay and strive to produce, offer and deliver the best services that we are capable of providing. We encourage an atmosphere that challenges the problem and opportunity rather than challenging the person thereby fostering team spirit within our teams and the organization. Our teams are always in pursuit of continuous improvement by setting higher benchmarks for designing products and process enabling us to offer evolved service level agreements (SLAs) to our esteemed clientele. We encourage an atmosphere that allows us of constant upgradation of knowledge, learning and growth.


Integrity and Ethics imbibed as a Philosophy

The FrenzoPay team has an unwavering approach and attitude towards upholding the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We conduct our dealings with all our clients and employees with utmost transparency and a fair manner. We ensure that the working environment at our offices is empathetic and respectful to every employee irrespective of gender, age or position. We strive to be a socially responsible organisation and act responsibility with people, profits and the planet. We are always cognisant of the laws of the land and work without deviation to those that are applicable to us as individual, team and company.

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